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Imagine a candlelit dinner under the stars, with the soothing sounds of the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop. In St. Lucia, Gracious Movement offers more than just a stay; we offer an experience. Romantic private dinners in these homes redefine the essence of a getaway.

The Charm of Dining in a Vacation Home

Discover the intimacy and exclusivity of dining with Gracious Movement. From terraces with panoramic views to secluded gardens, these homes offer unique settings for a memorable meal.

Personalized Culinary Experiences

With Gracious Movement, you’re not just getting a meal, but a personalized culinary journey. Local chefs can craft a menu that reflects both your tastes and the rich flavors of St. Lucia.

Adding Special Touches

Enhance your dinner with special touches like live music or a private sommelier. Gracious Movement often have connections with local artists and wine experts, bringing an extra layer of luxury to your evening.

Private dinners with Gracious Movement are more than just meals; they are gateways to intimate, unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s for a proposal, an anniversary, or just a night to rekindle romance, these dinners with us offer the perfect setting.


Gracious Movement

Stay at a vacation home and enjoy amenities of a 5-star resort at a price affordable to you.

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